We will remember them

November 2023

Banstead Commons Conservators hosted a Walk of Remembrance, led by Tim Richardson, on Banstead Heath on Friday 10 November.

Despite the weather, military historian, long-time local resident and armed forces veteran, Tim kept everybody fascinated with his expert knowledge of events over the last century or so, that have left their mark on the Commons and on those who live and work on and around them. His entertaining anecdotes revealing the inside story of his own military experience, as well as that of his family, friends and other personalities, and how war and other challenges affected them and our own families, were intriguing. At the end of nearly two hours packed with information, and many light-hearted asides, Tim led the group in a minute’s silence to remember, and pay tribute to, those who sacrificed their lives.

“Banstead Commons and the surrounding areas played an important role during the First and Second World Wars.  The Commons were used extensively for training.  You can still see preserved slit trenches that were chiselled out of the historic enclosures and find the odd spent cartridge as you walk through the gallops in the centre of the Heath.  As a local historian, I feel humbled to be able to share the stories of those who gave so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.  We will remember them.”  Tim reflected at the end of the walk.

Look out for Tim’s next historical guided walk on the Commons in March 2024.



Photo credit: Peter Taylor-Medhurst