Planning an event on the Commons

The varied landscapes of Banstead Commons make them an attractive setting for a wide variety of events, such as sponsored walks, running, orienteering, cross-country cycling and equestrian activities.

If you would like to host an event you must seek authorisation from the Conservators.  The Conservators aim to enable such events where possible, as long as they align with and support the long-term conservation of the Commons.




An ‘Organised Event’ refers to any group activity which:


– Is carried out for charitable or commercial purposes

– Requires way-marking, setting up checkpoints or bringing vehicles or equipment on to the Common

– Involves participants on cycles, horses or any other means of conveyance other than on foot


The term ‘Organised Event’ does not include small groups of people (up to 25) simply meeting to walk or run on the Commons.  However, the Conservators do encourage organisers of such activities to alert us to their plans and advise on preparations that may need to be made.

Download Event Planning Request Form