Bird nesting season 2024

March 2024

Skylarks are one of the UK’s most iconic songbirds but did you know they nest on the ground?

The uniform habitat of the Mill Field on Banstead Heath is an ideal breeding ground for Skylarks and the meadow supports a healthy breeding population of birds.  During the nesting season you can enjoy their song-flight above nesting territories as the birds pair up and build their nests.  Skylarks will raise two to three broods of young each year simply to sustain their population.

Nesting season for these birds commences in March and will run until September.  Skylarks are ground-nesting birds and are easily disturbed by dogs during the nesting period.  To help support this bird to thrive on the site please keep dogs under close control, refrain from throwing balls in the grassland and stick to the main paths.

Thank you for your cooperation.