Conservation grazing update – Banstead Downs

April 2024

Our small flock of twenty seven sheep, a mixture of Herdwick and Beaulah Speckled Face breeds, will be introduced to Pen 3 on Banstead Downs on Thursday 11 April.   The grazing enclosure is highlighted in red on the map below.  Visitor access to the enclosure is not permitted at this time.  We estimate the sheep will be grazing this section of grassland for approximately ten weeks depending on the vegetation growth.

The grassland areas of Banstead Downs and Park Downs have been conservation grazed regularly by sheep for over ten years.  We work in partnership with the Downlands Partnership Grazing Team to graze our sites.  Sheep grazing the sward helps to conserve the nationally rare chalk grassland species and the invertebrates that rely on the unique plant assemblages.

It is with thanks to our small team of sixteen volunteers the welfare of the sheep on this busy site is checked twice daily.  As well as checking on the condition of the sheep, our volunteers also ensure that the perimeter fencing is secure to prevent dogs from entering the enclosures.

Dogs are required to be kept on leads when you are walking next to the enclosure.  We thank the local dog walking community for their continued cooperation.